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A tour worth every cent!

On our latest Mpumalanga/Panorama & Kruger Park Tour, we were having a game drive next to the Sabie River in the Kruger National Park. A lush thicket of shrub and trees between the road and the river limited us only to spot the river occasionally as we traversed to our destination. As we passed one of the openings to the river at a stage, one of the Tourists saw a big grey lump that seemed out of place and made us aware of this. I drove the odd 200 meter to the bank, and there we saw it: elephant on the far side of the river going down the bank for a drink. Some of the older ones were reversing down the steep bank. We counted about 20 of them, varies in size and age. We sat and enjoy this in awe while cameras were clicking away. Truly something to remember of another spectacular Amatungulu Tour.

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