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Route 62 – a scenic drive between Cape Town and Oudtshoorn.

When travelling from Cape Town to the Garden Route, Route 62 makes for a very interesting alternative to drive through the Karoo. Geologically it covers two thirds of South Africa. “It’s big and it’s dry and it’s full of snakes and angry plants that look like they’re pulling a middle finger at you. Plants like bitter-appel which have the sole purpose of ‘making sheep and goats appear drunk and aggressive’. In the south east is the Klein Karoo, a vague area between Barrydale and Oudtshoorn strung together around the Route 62.”

Now no. 10 on its list of the ten best road trips for 2017, CNN said it picked the route because of the incredible scenery and the vineyards that’ll make you wish you’re a passenger rather than a driver. Although the route itself is shorter than the N2 highway, the pace is relaxed, and most people take the opportunity to enjoy exploring the interesting towns en route, making the journey an experience in itself rather than simply a way to get from A to B. On our 7 day Cape Town, Winelands, Garden Route & Addo National Park tour, we travel this route from Barrydale to Oudtshoorn where you will also have the opportunity to pick one of the numerous restaurants to have lunch at. Along the way there are sweet small towns to explore, home-baked farmstall goodies to taste and plenty of wineries to enjoy - this being the "longest wine route in the world".

Also to be visited is Ronnie's Sex Shop which had visitors from all over the world, judging by the graffiti on its wall. Over the years it has become a popular stop for bikers, local farmers and people travelling Route 62 regularly. The story of how the name came into being is now local legend. Ronnie painted the name Ronnie's Shop on this cottage next to the R62, planning to open a farm stall to sell fresh produce and fruit. His friends played a prank on him by changing the name to Ronnie's Sex Shop. Initially angry about the involuntary name change, he left the name and continued fixing the dilapidated building. One evening while enjoying a few beers and couple of chops on the braai with friends, someone suggested "Why don't you just open a pub?" And the rest is history!

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