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Become a trusted Amatungulu Agent!

Here are a few reasons why you will benefit from becoming a trusted Amatungulu Agent in your area:


Start earning money today!

Sign up now and earn between 14 and 22% commissions on all tours and activities you sell on our site. Commission will be calculated from the amount of participants for a particular tour, where you as the Agent will pay Amatungulu the total amount, less commission withheld by you. You earn as you sell our tours. There are never any signup costs, recurring fees or hidden charges. We'll send you monthly reports via email so you can track your bookings and commissions.


Why Amatungulu?

Amatungulu is operating in the travel and tourism space, which provides vast opportunities in scenic South Africa where there is a rich cultural and historical heritage. We provide packaged tours to explore the breath-taking beauty and fascinating history of South Africa. We work with travel agents the world over, and pride ourselves on delivering superior tours at a price that can't be beaten.

Offer your clients the best deals

Amatungulu go out of their way to ensure that tour participants enjoy the very best value for their hard-earned money. Our tours are designed and composed to take Tourists to the most beautiful attractions, best historical and heritage sites South Africa has to offer. Attention to detail and care is given from booking until you arrive back home. Amatungulu can be fully trusted, and we, therefore, practice our motto: "Always the best for you!" As an agent you can rest assured that your clients will travel in style, safe, sleep comfortably and enjoy the best culinary treasures South Africa has to offer.

There are no hidden costs

You can secure your clients' seats on our tours with a 40% deposit at the time of booking. If you are booking more than 90 days (12 weeks) in advance we offer flexible payment terms to make it easy on your budget. This assists as a way to pay the cost of your tour in installments. Your bookings are 100% secure. Read more about our Consumer Protection, Bonding and Guarantees here.

Complete the application form below and we will help you on becoming a verified Amatungulu Agent. We will send you a link to a Tour Agent Agreement form after you applied.

Application Form:

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