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Our Purpose: To Develop Sustainable Tourism by donating towards an endangered animal fund and to use eco-friendly transport.

Start paying for your tour now by donating an amount of your

choice. Your donation will be used for an endangered animal

fund, and or for the purchase of a reliable *Eco-Friendly minivan.

*(low fuel consumption for less carbon emissions)

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One of the most important ways to enrich and lead a good life is traveling.

The history of mankind reveals how human beings traveled from one

place to another by feet and discovered new places. Travelling helps you

to have a wonderful experience of newer cultures and their ways of life.

Travelling with near and dear ones in some of the best locations of the

world will give you pleasure and enjoyment. However, while traveling,

one should make sure that there is sustainability in it which would

definitely maintain a balance and a positive atmosphere for the local people.

In the year 2017, the United Nations designed a policy which will give the opportunity to everyone to raise a global awareness which tourism can ensure by being a representative of positive change. The policy is known as International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and it has three main aims:

> Employment of eco-friendly practices (recycle, reuse and reduce) >Protection of national and cultural heritage (restoration of buildings of historical importance and ensuring the protection of endangered species) >Providing both economic and social benefits for the local people (upholding their culture, arrangement of fairs, handicrafts etc)

As a responsible global citizen, you can definitely ensure all the three above aims. Here are four ways to travel more sustainable:

  1. Donating Some Amount of Money for the Local Welfare:

Since one of the aims is to provide some tangible economic and social benefits to the place, you can ensure that by donating a significant amount of money to the local charity. This can be an NGO, an orphanage, a pet shelter or a food bank as well. This will definitely have a positive effect on their development.

   2. Reduction of Waste:

In a certain tourist spot, the local people always try to keep the place neat and clean so that the tourists find it attractive. You should always make sure that you should not make the environment dirty. In case you do not find a dustbin, carry your waste with you, without throwing those here and there. Say no to plastics- if you need to drink water then it is better to refill your water bottle than buying new bottles for the same. The new plastic bottles, even if bought, should not be thrown anywhere. Another tip would be to avoid buying packaged goods and generating more wastes. You can simply buy fresh food from the local market and have them. This has two great effects- n one hand, it shall mark your little efforts for the contribution towards local people and on the other hand, it will keep the environment clean.

   3. Support the local people:

Besides donating money for charitable purposes, you can make a lot of contributions for the locals. For example, you can buy stuff from the local vendors rather than buying those from any supermarket or shopping malls. Since these vendors follow the pattern of the self-sufficient economy, it would always be the best option to never bargain with them. The little amount of money that they receive by selling home-made goods might feed at least a meal to their entire family. And in the hotels, make sure to turn off the lights and fans in the room and unplug any electronic goods and gadgets.

   4. Save Animals:

There are many species that are becoming endangered day by day. While traveling

at a place, make sure that you are not harming any animals. If you visit the local

zoo, always abide by the rules of that place- never ever try to feed any animals.

Also, never pose and take a photo beside any wild animal- the reason behind their

quietness is sedation. The spirit of the elephants is also broken and that is why

you can sit on them and take pictures. One of the most important initiatives from

your part would be to say no to buy any wildlife products as trafficking and

exploiting endangered animals are very common since the past few years.

Thus, it can be seen that with so many little efforts, you can make travel sustainable. All you have to do is to keep your eyes open and remain conscious about everything around you. You can definitely make a positive change by contributing to the local areas. 

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