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Waterfall amazement on our tours!

South Africa is melting pot of diversity. From a multitude of cultures, to a natural world laden with endemic animals and plant life. Our country is also home to some epic waterfalls. From the famous Tugela Falls to the lesser known seasonal rapids, take a look at some travel favorites:

The Berlin Falls in Mpumalanga are located close to God's Window and the second highest waterfall in this South African province. Berlin Falls, which forms part of the Blyde River Canyon on the Panorama route, is one of several waterfalls that can be found in the Sabie region – the others being Horseshoe Falls, Lone Creek Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Mac-Mac Falls, and the highest waterfall in Mpumalanga, Lisbon Falls, which is a staggering 90m high. The Berlin Falls cascade from the centre of a sheer cliff that stands roughly 80m tall. The shape of the falls is likened to a giant candle. A narrow, natural channel at the top of the falls creates the ‘wick’ of the candle, and as the water drops from this point, it fans out creating the rest of the candle before emptying out into the pool below. Berlin Falls gets its name from miners who ventured to South Africa from Europe during the gold rush, and named each waterfall in the region after their home towns, or places from their home countries.

This falls is visited on most tours going into the Kruger National Park, see these relevant tours:

Tugela Falls is a complex of seasonal waterfalls located in the Drakensberg (Dragon's Mountains) in KwaZulu-Natal Province. It is generally accepted as the world's second-tallest waterfall but there is an argument that it is actually the tallest waterfall in the world, rather than Venezuela's Angel Falls. The combined total drop of its five distinct free-leaping falls is officially 948 m (3,110 ft). In 2016, however, a Czech scientific expedition took new measurements, making the falls 983 m tall. The data were sent to the World Waterfall Database for confirmation. The source of the Tugela River (Zulu for 'sudden') is the Mont-Aux-Sources plateau which extends several kilometres beyond The Amphitheatre escarpment from which the falls drop.

This falls is visited on request when you do a

Waterfall Bluff is an area of steep cliffs in Eastern Cape. Waterfall Bluff is one of only 19 waterfalls world-wide that fall directly into the sea. Waterfall Bluff is an iconic waterfall that drops down into the Indian Ocean. It requires a bit of effort to do this but the rewards are immense. This remains one of the most exciting walks for the seasoned hiker. If you do a return trip from the lodge, the distance is 28km where you will see undisturbed, clear streams and ascend up the back of Sugarloaf Hill to a plateau. Your guide will also point out the Eggossa fault to you. A highlight along this route is to see one of the endemic Mkambati palms, which are indigenous to this area. Walking along the cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean where whales and dolphins abound, you will come across Cathedral Rock, a well- known landmark. After crossing the Mlambomkulu River, with its pristine pools, the trails lead you down to the coast and Waterfall Bluff. The cliffs form a huge overhanging cave, called Grotto Cave and supplies excellent shade for your tasty packed lunch.

This falls is visited when you do a

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