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History of bygone battlefields while enjoying spectacular wildlife.

“The Boers occupied the railway Station on the 20th October 1899 and were shelled the following morning by a British mounted patrol with artillery. Taking up a position on high ground overlooking the railway line, the Boers and their guns forced the British to withdraw…”

This is but one of the two foregone Anglo/Boer and Anglo/Zulu war excursions (by professional guides) you can discover on the 6 day Kwazulu-Natal Drakensberg, Battlefields & Midlands Meander Tour. On this tour you not only indulge yourself in bloody battles, but also tweak up your adrenalin level with a slide through the forest canopy at the Drakenberg Canopy Tour. The name “Drakensberg” derives from Dutch, meaning “mountain of the dragon”, for the jagged peaks seem like a natural domain for these fabled creatures. We also visit the world renowned Drakensberg Boys Choir, savor one of the many local brewed beers at the delightful Bierfassl restaurant and enjoy many of the local Art, Craft and souvenir shops of the area.

Observing the Nelson Mandela Capture site, we learn more about the Apartheid history of South Africa. Watching the Big 5 on game drives, we realise why the South African Safari won the NGT Reader Awards of 2017.

See the full itinerary here, and make a booking.

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