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More exciting developments for Amatungulu.

Amatungulu are now also providing a service to book Flights and Hotels on the same website via our affiliate, Agoda. This is part of our plan to expand our product range and to ensure a one-stop booking opportunity to our clients. You can now Book-a-Tour, a Flight, Accommodation, buy Fine Art and Travel Products.

Due to the popularity of our tour destinations, the overnight accommodations we are using on our routes are being far ahead fully booked. This can result that we could not stay in our specifically chosen hotels and lodges. We therefor decided to widen our cut-off time for bookings and payments to two months (60 days) before a tour starts. We however recommend you book three months (12 weeks) in advance to guarantee your seat. This will ensure a better chance for us to secure bookings at our special selected accommodation on our popular and exciting tours. Also see the day tours and extended tour options we offer now, and make your booking.

Hole in the wall on an Amatungulu Tour

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