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The Barberton Makhonjwa Mountain Land confirmed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The 42nd session of the World Heritage Committee has announced that the Barberton Makhonjwa Mountain Land will be on the World Heritage List. The Barberton Makhonjwa Mountain Land has provided an unparalleled source of scientific information on the formation of the early earth from 3.6 billion years ago. Along with their exceptional geology, the area is rich in wild plants, animals and beautiful scenery. The Barberton Makhonjwa Mountain Land is truly unique, containing the oldest and best preserved sequence of volcanic and sedimentary rocks on earth.

The several large and small nature reserves and panoramic beauty, provide the key elements needed for developing diverse and innovative tourism partnerships and businesses such as adventure tourism, geological, birding, game viewing, historical and cultural tours, hiking and off-road trails. The final step has now been completed towards nominating the Barberton-Makhonjwa Mountains for inclusion on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Though the Barberton-Makhonjwa Mountains (BMM) hosts other impressive features, the nomination is based on their geology, which specialists say is of outstanding universal value. This is because the world’s oldest, best-preserved, most continuous, and diverse sequence of rocks from about 3.215 – 3.570 billion years ago is only found here. This makes the BMM, and its centrepiece, the Barberton Makhonjwa Geotrail, a hotspot for tourists and science enthusiasts interested in learning more about the early earth. This Barberton Makhonjwa Geotrail is included in the Planning for the future BMM World Heritage Site (WHS) has been completed and sent to the National Department of Environmental Affairs, which is the agency responsible for world heritage in SA. They will send the completed documents, a 100-page nomination dossier and piles of appendices, to UNESCO headquarters in Paris. This is the fulfilment of a 10-year effort by Barberton Chamber of Business and its development agency, BATOBIC. This milestone could not have been reached without continued state support through MTPA, DEA, SAHRA, provincial and local government. There has been strong support also from all landowners involved. Learn more here: Our following tours traverses along this site:, and safari.

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