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Coronavirus COVID-19 does not stop us from travelling/touring.

South Africa has secured a total of twenty million doses of Coronavirus vaccine, due to be delivered in the first half of 2021. According to President Ramaphosa, SA now focus more on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for which clinical trials have shown is effective against the South African variant. This will make travelling to SA a reality, and we are ready for you to travel with us.

Amatungulu Tours now offer a “pay-your-tour-forward” plan to customers to plan their travel in advance. This is to help you do your trip planning, but also to assist you when you have already booked to enable you to re-book travel at a later date instead of immediately postponing/cancelling your plans.

Amatungulu Tours also has a Bonding Scheme, which according to the South African Government Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 entails a consumer protection scheme to provide guarantees against deposits held, and therefore guaranteeing its quality assurance role. In so doing, it provides consumers with a greater level of protection against providers of goods and services. Amatungulu (Pty) Ltd is a registered South African Company (2017/538010/07) and therefor bound to this Act. ​This bonding guarantees consumers/clients that Amatungulu Tours is in a position to refund tour deposits, advance reservations, or bookings should you decide to cancel within the limitations set in the Terms and Conditions set out on the bottom of every page. Read more here:

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