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Discover the 12th best beach in the world on our tours! (

The iconic Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town has been identified as the 12th best beach in the world. This comes after Big 7 Travel featured the location on in their “Top 50 Best Beaches in the World” list:

Big 7 Travel gives their readers the opportunity to take surveys and vote for their favourite destinations around the world, and the votes saw Boulders Beach sitting with the world’s finest on the prestigious list. Whether you’re seeking a sandy stretch that feels like it’s your alone, hidden bays on tropical islands or buzzing party spots, we have all the top spots on our annual list of the Best Beaches In The World.

According to Big 7 Travel, it’s not only about getting up close and personal with the African Penguins in the summertime, but Boulders Beach also offers something that you won’t find anywhere in the world. The beach was also the setting for the captivatingly cute Netflix series, Penguin Town.

This beach is visited with the opportunity to study penguins on our following popular tours:

In addition to the above mentioned, UK travellers vote Langebaan South Africa’s best beach. Data released by online travel planning platform Vacaay reveals that United Kingdom (UK) travellers would most like to visit Langebaan Beach. The beach was recently nominated as South Africa’s best beach in an online report released by Vacaay.

With more than 500000 UK travellers creating their bucket-list itineraries via the trip planning platform, Vacaay reports that more British users included the Western Cape’s Langebaan Lagoon in their itinerary than any other beach in South Africa. Whilst not the first beach you would expect international visitors to flock to, it is understandable why Langebaan Lagoon was voted number one, with its powder-soft white sand and crystal-clear, calm waters making it one of the safest beaches to swim in the country.


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